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Meet Your J.R.S.O Team

Hello and welcome to our brand new JRSO webpage.  We are Nacho and Ollie your Junior Road Safety Officers.  We have completed training to make sure we can help to keep people fit, safe and healthy on the way to and from school - and whenever you are out or about.

This page is full of information that we think you might find useful.  Lots of weblinks, games and videos that you can look at and learn loads about road safety. 

We will be working hard to bring you lots of school events so be sure to keep an eye out on the calendar below to see what we are doing in school and how you can get involved.





I've been a JRSO since the start of this term.  I enjoy cycling at the weekends, it is a very fun hobby.  Remember to always wear a helmet, and have a lights or reflectors on your bike to stay safe.  If you want to check that your helmet is fitted correctly, come and speak to a JRSO! 




I have been a JRSO since the start of this term.  I enjoy sports and staying active.  As I can't walk all the way to school, I park at my friends house and we walk the rest of the way together.  It is fun and helps the environment.




I've been a JRSO since the start of this term.  I live a little bit too far from school to walk the whole way.  If you are like me, then why not park and stride.  Park a little away from the school and walk the rest of the way.  Every little bit helps!




I have been a JRSO since the start of this term.  I think that, if we can, we should all try to walk to school.  I think that this would help keep the planet healthy.  If you need any advice about walking to school safely, come and have a chat with me!

Upcoming JRSO Events

Over the next year we are planning to:

Invite you to our Be Bright, Be Seen Disco - Our last 'Bright Night' disco was so much fun, with a bright dress code and a prize for the person that stood out most under the disco lights.  As well as being lots of fun we will began and ended our disco with some important safety videos and explain why we think it is so important to be bright and be seen.  We are looking forward to hosting another Be Bright Be Seen disco as soon as we are allowed!

Assemblies - We are really looking forward to taking charge of some assemblies to help the school learn about road safety.  Our latest assembly was a virtual assembly that was shared with our school on YouTube!

Our Video Clips - We are looking for budding actors to star in our upcoming safety films.

Stalls at the Summer Fair - We are considering having a stall at the Summer Fair.  Come and talk to us if you have any ideas about what we should sell/do!

Links and Games

Surf the web for more useful road safety facts. Here are some of our favourites:


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